December 9, 2010

A SENIOR member of the coalition Government has offered his resignation after sensationally admitting: "I told the truth."

The as yet unnamed Cabinet minister's fall from grace will be officially announced later today, we understand.

Sources in Westminster say the MP feels unable to "carry on living a lie", with one former colleague telling our correspondent: "He's let the Government down, badly.

"But he is at least taking full responsibility for that and is standing down accordingly, which is the right thing to do."

What honest disclosures the MP made have not been fully disclosed, although it is understood he believed in reforming the banking system, scrapping student tuition fees, safeguarding the nation's defence for the future and protecting the NHS.

"You simply can't run around telling the truth to people willynilly," our source added. "It's completely the wrong thing to do.

"Better to lie your way into office, discard your manifesto, do an about turn on everything you believe in and have a chauffeur for four years."

Asked if the minister was either a Conservative or Liberal Democrat, a Coalition spokesman said: "Neither. And that's the truth."

And a snarling drunken Labour spin doctor later Tweeted: "What do you expect from a Coalition that invented Aids."


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