February 5, 2009

Britain's running out of grit, apparently.

"With UK motorists giving the government 45 billion a year in taxes, they will feel pretty annoyed there isn't enough cash to keep all the road networks moving," says the guy from the RAC.

Yes, despite winter coming guaranteed but once every single year, Gordon, while filling up the bank vaults with someone else's cash (well, ours), forgot to ensure it was safe for people to get to work to earn the cash for him to rob to give to the banks for them not to lend back to us again.

So it's thanks yet again, then, to everyone's favourite Face Of A Punctured Lung, the Master of Disaster, The Scot Without A Pot (To Piss In), The Strife from Fife, Gordon "Frown" Brown.


Think about it.

Under Brown, Britain has first run out of any coherent ideas, had a run on the banks, run out of money, is running out of jobs, has certainly seen a general election run away from it, and is now, quite incredibly for an island surrounded by sea, actually running out of salt.

A true grit performance, Prime Minister, I'm sure.