December 15, 2006

..and his name is Holy Moly.

In this week's mailout - which you really all should subscribe to (it's free) - he writes:

Remember when Grandma told her stories about the war? It was all about the Spirit of the Blitz and how communities united in a common cause against adversity because they were determined, despite the loss of their houses and every possession, to carry on and fight for what they believed in.

Well, Grandma can fuck off. If you want to see real suffering, don't bother with the war, or the hundreds of thousands killed in Rwanda in the 90s. Turn around genocide in Bosnia, you're not welcome here. The forced starvation of thousands of Zimbabweans as we type? Don't make us laugh, you whining maggots.

THIS is real suffering, with a human face.

It was probably typed (sobs) on a borrowed laptop! Why do they have to be so bloody brave?
There were clementines on the limestone floor, you heartless bastard!